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Date: Monday, August 20, 2018
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How do I copyright protect my Performing Arts work online?

Protect your Copyrights Online in Minutes! Click Here To Register .

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SEAL™ Files instantly protect and redundantly archive your TV scripts or movie screenplays for as little as $2 each! What is a Performing Arts Work?
Performing arts are works intended to be “performed” directly before an audience or indirectly “by means of any device or process.”

Performing Arts works usually embody more than one "individual" US Library of Congress category of copyrights. For example, a modern motion picture will likely incorporate a script, music, lyrics, graphics, fashion and the list goes on. The same can be said for theater and other new media being unleashed on the Internet.

It is important that you protect your performing arts copyrights as soon as possible to prevent otheres from using your ideas.

SEAL™ files allow you to securely date-stamp and redundantly archive your performing art work's copyrights online instantly! Real-time international copyright protection! Learn how

The US Library of Congress defines "Performing Arts" as follows:

Performing Arts

Performing arts works are intended to be “performed” directly before an audience or indirectly “by means of any device or process.”
(1) musical works, including any accompanying words;
(2) dramatic works, such as scripts, including any accompanying music;
(3) pantomimes and choreographic works; and
(4) motion pictures and other audiovisual works.

For further definition of these examples click here

So why do I need to protect or register the copyrights?
Sure, the instant you commit your performing arts work to paper (or disc) you are a proud copyright holder... the thing is, problems can arise if you are required to provide credible evidence of when you first created your work... In this Internet age, your scripts and screenplays can acheive international exposure, quite literally overnight. The sooner you can produce credible 3rd-party date-stamped evidence of your copyrights, the better off you will be in any copyright infringement action. Read more

No matter what, your SEAL™ file will always credibly represent the earliest moment in history that your performing arts work was in your possession...

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