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Date: Monday, August 20, 2018
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SEAL™ File Copyright Registration Benefits & Features

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More questions? Contact us    Toll free North America 1-877-706-2766

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Benefits & Advantages
Annual membership fees as low as US $10! - One and Five year Memberships with SEAL™ credits included start as low as US$20 (US $31 value)
(Each SEAL™ credit will be used you to protect and archive 1 file, up to 20 MB each! Additional SEAL™ credits can be purchsed at any time starting at $3)

Receive instant international copyright protection - The moment you complete Step 4 of our exclusive online SEAL™ File process, you have undeniable third-party evidence of your ownership of the data contained in the file.

Respond quicker - Receive your Substantiated, Encrypted, Archived and Locked file today! Make that tight submission deadline with peace of mind.

Protect ALL of your copyrights and intellectual property - SEAL™ Files allow you to globally protect your entire body of work. You can then take the time to explore the benefits and justifications for further territorial registrations.

Protect any file format up to 20 MB - The SEAL™ File process can protect absolutely any digital file. This means that you may put together .ZIP files to protect multiple files for as little as $2 per 20 MB file.

Redundant archiving - eliminate storage headaches. Not only do our members maintain their own SEAL™ file archive, but in the event of catastrophic data loss, each SEAL™ file is REDUNDANTLY ARCHIVED by WorldWideOCR.

No storage media concerns - Creating multiple back-up copies greatly reduces the possibility of data loss. Also, as time goes by, tapes degrade, CDĺs get scratched, media becomes obsoleteů

Save time, money & energy - No envelopes or postage. No packages to make, ship and then storeů all for less than the cost of an average Safe-Deposit Box at your local bank.

Your file has a permanent SEAL™, but can be opened at anytime - No matter how many times you need to open your SEAL™ files, the original file SEAL™ still remains intact... Try that with an envelope.

Peace of mind - SEAL™ Files will always provide you with essential historical evidence of your copyrights and intellectual property. Feel free to share your new idea with all interested parties knowing your are protected.

FREE 15 Day SEAL™ Account Trial - Try our SEAL™ File Date-Stamp Services for 15 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied, you may terminate your account with absolutely no charge.

Lowest cost Copyright Protection and Archiving service on Earth! - Low annual membership fees includes SEAL™ credits. Extra SEAL™ credits are also available starting at US$3.00 each. If you can find a less expensive means of credibly date stamping and redundantly archiving your creations please contact us.

Exclusive Member's ToolBox - Members enjoy 24/7 access to our growing Member's ToolBox area. There you will find member's discounts for useful services and helpful "next-steps" information to guide you after you have protected your copyrights and IP.

Security - Once you login, all of your communication with the WorlWideOCR is completed across an SSL internet connection using 128 bit encryption technology. Just like the banks use.

Reliability - Real-time operations for quick turn-around and instant SEAL™ file generation.

Convenience - Register your works 24/7. Depending on your bandwidth and file size, most SEAL™ Files only take about 5 minutes to complete!

Fully resumable process - In case you are interrupted, every SEAL™ Session can be resumed, at any stage, for a full 48 hours after initiation.

Bottomless Safe-Deposit Box - Upon membership renewal, your redundantly maintained Safe-Deposit Box at WorldWideOCR actually grows to accomodate your latest creations. Compare this to the cost of other "Safe-Storage" options.

Ease of use - Our user interface is self-explanatory and 100% secure.

Credibility - Powered by AssureBuy.com and their partners, the WorldWideOCR offers not only the credibility of our business process, but the credibility of our processing partners.
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No matter what, your SEAL™ file will always credibly represent the earliest moment in history that your work was in your possession...

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