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Date: Monday, August 20, 2018
Time: 6:05:55 PM G.M.T.  
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How SEAL™ Files Work...

SEAL™ File Date-Stamps instantly protect your copyrights and intellectual property! Simply login to your SEAL™ Account...
Click on "SEAL(TM) My File" and in 5 Easy Steps...

1. Describe the copyright file and its owners...
2. Upload your original copyright file to our secure server...
3. Download and Proof-read the copyright file from our secure server...
4. Confirm that the copyright file was correct and functioning...
5. Download your date-stamped and protected SEAL™ file for personal archiving.

Simple as that!

All WorldWideOCR SEAL™ Memberships include SEAL™ credits, a "Bottomless Safe-Deposit Box", 24/7 access and redundant archiving...

In about 5 minutes, you will have in your possession a digital SEAL™ file with your encrypted copyright inside. As well, an e-mail summarizing this event will be sent upon SEAL™ file completion. This e-mail serves to provide additional legal documentation of your SEAL™ File details, and also contains your portion of the SEAL™ Key required to open it.

The following facts now historically evidence your ownership of the copyright contained in your SEAL™ file:
ist1_key_and_lock_187360.jpg (1923 bytes)1. You have a SEAL™ File with your copyright inside...
2. Only you and WorldWideOCR can open your SEAL™ File...
3. WorldWideOCR has at least two identical copies "frozen" in our archive...
4. WorldWideOCR has sent you all important e-mail communications documenting these events...
5. WorldWideOCR maintains comprehensive server audit trails to further document these events.
6. The proprietary manner in which the SEAL™ File and Key are generated.
All of this evidence is created in the ordinary course of our business operations, and can be utilized in the event that your copyright or idea is involved in any potential infringement actions. Even once you choose to proceed with further copyright registration or patent applications, your SEAL™ file will always represent the earliest moment in history that you had possession of your copyright or intellectual property.
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Read how to prepare your specific files for copyright registration with a SEAL™ file below:
Advertising Media  Cartoons & Comics  Education Materials  Fashion Designs  Graphics & Animations 
Poetry & Lyrics  Movie & TV Scripts  Books & Novels  Photos & Artwork  Plays & Monologues 
MP3 & WMA Files  Java & Shockwave  Sketches & Drawings  Sculptures & Crafts  Web Content & Design 
Software Applications  Songs & Music       

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