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Date: Monday, June 25, 2018
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Copyright registration options
Below are breif descriptions of some of the more "common" methodologies employed by Creators around the world, that we used as templates to design our SEAL™ File process:
The "Poorman's Copyright" (registered mail)
What is the "Poorman's Copyright" you ask? Practiced world wide, copyright and intellectual property owners used to send a copy of their work by registered mail to themselves. The Post Office's date-stamps and strict protocol would act as a third-party witness to their copyright ownership. In the event that the copyright becamed involved in an infringement suit, the copyright owner would produce the date-stamped, sealed envelope. The envelope would be opened and the contents revealed in a court of law as evidence of copyright ownership.

Government Agencies
While not neccessary by law, by registering your work with a government agency, you will acquire rights to statutory damages in that territory should your copyright be infringed upon. Only government copyright registration agencies can provide rights to statutory damages. Also each Nation's government copyright registry will have unique guidelines with respect to international protection, registration timelines and other protocol that will need to be understood (and justified) before proceeding.

The inherent problem with copyright registration with any government copyright agency is that the process simply takes too long. The copyright owner does not get a very accurate or timely date-stamp for their work. This "date-stamp" is a very critical piece of evidence in any copyright infringement suit.
alternate online and digital solutions
In designing our leading edge service, the WorldWideOCR has extensively researched the internet for new and improved copyright and intellectual property date-stamping solutions. Our search has led us to the discovery of many different approaches, ranging from software solutions, (largely designed for specific audiences, content or file formats) to Escrow Agencies, to rogue developers selling their "Do-it-your-self" software. From physical archiving services to no archiving services at all. Only you can decide which approach is right for you and your creations.
WorldWideOCR's SEAL™ file process provides international copyright protection instantly with a highly credible date-stamp, and it only takes 4-5 minutes. In today's fast-paced world, you can not afford to wait that long to respond to opportunities for your copyrights and IP.

WorldWideOCR SEAL™ Files provide effective copyright protection:
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