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Date: Monday, July 23, 2018
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Read what some of our members are saying about our new SEAL™ File Services...
Troy Kokol's first cut, "Pickup Truck", co-written with Joni Delaurier, was featured on country artist, Shane Yellowbird's freshman release, "Life Is Calling My Name". The song was in the Top 10 for 12 straight weeks, hit number 1 on CMT and on the CanCountry Charts. 100 weeks after it's release in March 2007, the song still held a spot in the top 100. At the 2007 CCMA's the song was nominated for Single of the Year, Video of the Year and both Kokol and Delaurier were nominated for SOCAN Songwriter of the Year. The song ended up being the #7 Canadian country single of 2007 earning them a SOCAN award in 2008.

Troy has completed his first CD project as a singer/songwriter and currently has cuts pending with Yellowbird and many other artists. Between writing trips to Nashville, touring and his current projects in Canada, he's keeping a busy schedule and proving to be someone to watch for in the Canadian country music scene.

"This is the first service I've seen that uses today's technology to help protect copyrights, rather than violate them. I am so pleased to see an alternative to the archaic 'registered mail' method and mail-in copyright libraries. Instead of fighting today's technology, I'm glad somebody got on board and is leveraging the internet to help protect music, instead of using it to exploit musicians."
Good work!

Troy Kokol

Visit Bruno's site now Bruno Miranda
"After almost two years using WWOCR services, I can definitely say that this is the best way to protect your copyrights. The method implemented is simple but very efficient and the support team helps you whenever you need. Keep up the excellent work!"

Best regards,
Bruno Miranda


Visit the Mark's site now Allan's Last Stand
WorldWideOCR's services can't be beat! I have been a musician for over 35 years and have always wanted to copyright my material, but the costs were staggering! WorldWideOCR's service has given me the opportunity to protect my hard work and make it available to the world! WorldWideOCR understands your needs and care about you as an individual and is always willing to help you!

Don't believe me? Just call them... you'll see what I mean! Thank you Rob!

You are the best!

Mark Bertram


Visit the Vakon Digital Design site now Vakon Digital Design
"It took me over 14 years of character, psychology & philosophy studies. To that I incorporated another 6 years of scientific, political, historical and mythological research. At the same time I "walked" through a total of 17 years of digital production experience. All of that, just to be able to establish a unique and powerful base for a series of stories I've been building up. All these years I was extremely reluctant to make any step forward, afraid of intellectual theft.

Now, thanks to WorldWideOCR and the advice I found through them, I began making those steps more safely."

Vassilios Kontodimas
Digital Artist/Writer


Visit John's site now Achem's Razor - Music with a fine edge
"just a big thank you!!! it was so very fortunate that you sent me an email when you did. your service is wonderful. i wish all inventors knew about you."

John Bales (aka Papajon Halftoe)
Songwriter, Composer, Musician


Stencil Designs and Crafts
"okie dokie....sounds great! I thank you sooooooo much for this service...i cant get off this HIGH.....haha....i feel so protected.....like big brothers come to my rescue!"

Victoria Padilla

Cooking Show Idea
Thank You! I have a great cooking show idea under development and I am going to now shop for sponsors & a network! Great idea to help us little guys keep our ideas protected! Take care-Kate Thank you

Kate Gabriele
Home Economist
Kate's Profile

Copywriting your music is an essential step on the ladder of songwriting. These guys provide a wrung on that ladder. A wonderful easy to use step in an industry full of snakes.

Still Climbing

Dave McCann
Singer Songwriter


Visit Cindy's page now...4 years worth of song ideas are finally erased off my answering machine! I have to give big a thank you to WorldWideOCR for their service, it has given me huge peace of mind knowing that my music and other works are properly protected. I've also finally been able to clear my answering machine - what a relief.

Cindy O'Neil
Canadian Recording Artist
As president of my own company, an inventor with IP and having over five years experience specializing in software GUI development for B2B e-commerce applications, I know how important it is to protect your ideas as soon as possible. The process is fast and effective and I literally created my SEAL file in a matter of minutes. You've designed the process to work with a minimum set of inputs and the directions are succinct.

WorldWideOCR say they can "protect your ideas online in minutes". What gets me, is the convenience and affordability. The SEAL date-stamping and archiving process has truly set my mind at ease as I take my IP forward. Keep up the good work!

Talk to you later,

Charlie VarzÚ,
Canada Extreme Watersports Inc.
(No website provided)
Web Designer
Dear WorldWideOCR.com,

Let me start of by saying thank you for taking the time to build your site for people like me. I am a web designer and consultant who specializes in building high-end Internet websites. Since I have joined your site, I am able to release my work to clients with complete confidence that my copyrights are well protected and documented by WorldWideOCR. What a great service at a great price!

Marlon B. - Web designer/Consultant
(No website provided)
Studio Owner/Operator
Thank-you WorldWideOCR! As a record producer/engineer/songwriter I have found your service invaluable. I am involved in the creation of original music in many capacities and realize the importance of protecting one's copyrights. WorldWideOCR is truly an idea whose time has come. Not only am I protecting all of my work, I am telling all of my clients about your service.

Thank you guys!
Danny Patton,
Dear WorldWideOCR.com,

I have recently become a member in order to protect a recent idea of mine. When I investigated the patent process, well, I was simply overwhelmed. Then I found your site!

Since I have joined, I have applied a SEAL to all of the pictures, drawings and explanations of my prototype. Your process is simple and intuitive. Great job! Now that I have protected my invention, I am actively seeking a manufacturer with confidence that my invention is well-protected. With your online technology protecting my idea, I can seek partners to help patent and manufacture my invention with peace-of-mind that no one can steal my idea.

Thank-you for such a wonderful service!

V.J. Montpetit
(No website provided)
what would Myron say?
As our membership grows, we are receiving more and more rave reviews about our new SEAL™ File Services. If you are a WorldWideOCR member who would like to add your testimonial please contact us.

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