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February 9, 2004 - New Web site Helps Artisans and Inventors Protect their Creations
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Media Release

Robert Oswin
World Wide Online Creator's Registry
Phone: 403/289-8532
FAX: 403/289-4333
E-Mail: roswin @ wwocr . com

February 9, 2004


New Web site Helps Artisans and Inventors Protect their Creations

(Calgary, AB) - A new site on the internet enables intellectual property owners - and all other creators - to securely date stamp and redundantly archive their ideas. World Wide Online Creator's Registry, found at http://www.WorldWideOCR.com, launched the new Internet service in December 2003 to help creators from all walks of life protect their intellectual property before they take it to market.

The WorldWideOCR site design utilizes real-time online software to SEAL™ (Substantiated, Encrypted, Archived and Lock) users' ideas in any digital file format. Similar in concept to the wax seals of days-gone-by used to authenticate the origin of a package and its contents, this new service has replaced wax and stamp with SSL servers, 128-bit encryption, and redundant archiving, all in conformance with a group of highly credible online third-party processing partners, including First Data Loan Company, Canada (FDLCC), Assurebuy, Inc., VISA, and Toronto Dominion Canada Trust.

The site's CEO and co-creator, Robert Oswin commented, " Until you are ready to follow through with that costly patent search, apply for that trade-mark or register your copyright, you need to protect your original ideas. WorldWideOCR developed an online solution to protect and archive your creations, as an alternative to using registered mail. Our members utilize our online process to instantly " SEAL™" their ideas, in any digital file format, perhaps on the very day the idea is created. Substantiated, Encrypted, Archived and Locked digital files are precisely what the service provides to creators and inventors."

The proliferation of the Internet has triggered a significant increase in the exchange of information, and a resultant boom in ideas and creativity of all kinds. More than ever, artisans and inventors alike can independently and directly market their works to the world. Before they tell the world though, they must first secure their "proof-of-ownership" for the intellectual property they intend to promote.

In theory, copyright is automatic. The moment "pen hits paper", legal copyright is achieved, but if someone copies your idea and you challenge them in court, proof of your authorship is prudent. Historically this "proof-of-ownership" has been achieved through several means, most notably with the involvement of a credible third-party witness.

Many government agencies offer some semblance of original work registration programs. The US Library of Congress, perhaps the best known example, receives and archives SEALed™ copies of copyrightable works for $30 US, per item. This process typically takes four to five months.. One advantage to spending the extra money and time include eligibility for statutory damages in the U.S. in the event your work is infringed upon. Your rights to statutory damages in any other jurisdiction are not protected, although the date-stamp still suffices to provide evidence of the existence of your work at a particular point in time.

A more common, less expensive alternative to protecting your work's copyright is the use of registered mail. Often referred to as the "poor man's copyright", this practice consists of sealing a copy of the work inside an envelope, mailing that parcel to yourself by registered mail, ensuring that the Post Office clearly date-stamped the seal, and archiving the parcel yourself.Each letter should be redundantly stored in separate locations, as with any archiving process, to reduce the potential of catastrophic loss of any one storage location.

These practices have been accepted for many years, but there are inherent problems that may arise over the long-term.

"The biggest problem encountered when employing any of the traditional copyright protection practices, is that a person risks the loss of their proof by not making redundant copies, simply due to media, postage and storage cost considerations. The problem is compounded by the fact that packaging and media deteriorates over time. I speak from experience - I have a large box of "copyright packages" in my closet, not duplicated anywhere else, containing seals in various states of disrepair," said Oswin. He recognized a need for a safer, more credible system of copyright protection for his own work.

Inspired by his own experience, as a patent owner and published songwriter, Oswin and a team of software designers set out to solve these issues. The resultant WorldWideOCR SEALed™ File Service represents an idea whose time has come. This service replaces the envelopes, media, postage, storage, degradation and lack of redundancy plaguing tradition methods with a highly credible, low-cost, and virtually instantaneous " SEAL™" along with a bottomless "Safe-Deposit Box" from which creators can manage their catalogue. WorldWideOCR redundantly archives each SEALed file on their web site. The file owner additionally personally archives their work.

In the event your idea comes to fruition without the proper licensing agreements in place, for example, you must provide evidence of the existence of your idea at a point in time prior to that of the entity using your idea. If it is determined that the ideas are identical, a credibly SEALed™ package provides legal evidence to prove ownership and resolve disputes over who had the idea first.

"Our site also features a growing Helpful Links section for creators of intellectual property of all kinds. We are poised to become an Internet resource center for creators of intellectual properties and copyrightable materials of any kind", said Oswin.

To learn more about SEALing™ your trade secrets, patentable technology or copyrightable materials, visit http://www.WorldWideOCR.com

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