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January 1, 2005 - Online Copyright Registry offers Tsunami Relief to International Copyright Owners
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Media Release

Robert Oswin
World Wide Online Creator's Registry
Phone: 403/289-8532
FAX: 403/289-4333
E-Mail: roswin @ wwocr . com

January 1, 2005


Online Copyright Registry offers Tsunami Relief to International Copyright Owners

(Calgary, AB) - In response to the recent Tsunami event in the Indian Ocean, WorldWideoOCR has announced that, at no charge, they will restore the entire archive of any of their members who may have experienced a catastrophic loss due to the Tsunami. World Wide Online Creator's Registry, found at http://www.WorldWideOCR.com, launched this break-through Internet service in 2003 to help creators from all walks of life protect and redundantly archive their intellectual property before they take it to market. They now serve Copyright and Intellectual Property owners from over 20 countries world wide and counting...

The siteĺs CEO and co-creator, Robert Oswin commented, ôFortunately, none of our US and Carribean members were effected during 2004's particularily cruel hurricane season. At this point, we are not sure if any of our members have lost their copyright archive to the recent the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. In any event, we are trying to get the word out to any of those members, that WorldWideOCR will restore their complete archive at no cost."

WorldWideOCR's membership is comprised of writers, educators, engineers, and artists from every corner of the world. They seek the international copyright and intellectual property protection, as well as the convenience and affordability that our online copyright registry provides. They can protect and redundantly archive any idea, any time for as little as $2 each.

The WorldWideOCR SEAL(TM) file process provides inventors, artist and writers with highly credible, third-party, international "proof-of-ownership" at a certain moment in time for any of their creations. The SEAL(TM) Process also includes redundant archiving for every file registered using the process. While the copyright owner maintains a copy of their SEAL(TM) file, the company also retains two additional back-up copies in their permanent archive. Each SEAL(TM) file may be restored for download at a cost of $20 each. This fee has been waived for any one who has lost their archive as a result of these recent environmental disasters.

Oswin stated, "Obviously, we wish we could do more for all of the victims of this recent South Asia cataclism. While we make mention of redundant archiving as one of the many benefits of our process, it has taken these recent hurricanes and this tsunami to really demonstrate the value and utility of redundantly archiving your intellectual property. Our process insures our members against this type of catastophic loss. These are the types of events that we have designed our SEAL(TM) file process to overcome, but we are truly saddened to see people actually requiring this type of access to their SEAL(TM) file archive."

Because the SEAL(TM) File Date-stamp process is 100% online, WorldWideOCR.com has also eliminated the need for media, packaging, postage and bulky storage when creators register their work.

To learn more about SEAL(TM) File date Stamps for your copyrights and intellectual property, trade secrets or patentable technology, visit http://www.WorldWideOCR.com

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