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January 18, 2005 - Creators all over the world are turning to a Calgary company’s online solution to secure their intellectual property.
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Robert Oswin
World Wide Online Creator's Registry
Phone: 403/289-8532
FAX: 403/289-4333
E-Mail: roswin @ wwocr . com

January 18, 2005


Creators all over the world are turning to a Calgary company’s online solution to secure their intellectual property.

(Calgary, AB): Three hundred years after the first copyright law was enacted in England, Calgary based World Wide Online Creator's Registry (www.WorldWideOCR.com) is the first to take the process for the “poorman’s copyright” online by offering an easy, inexpensive and safe method of date stamping and redundantly archiving intellectual property.

Date stamping is the second thing a writer, inventor or other creator should do after first coming up with the idea (in case it ever needs to be protected from infringement and proven who had the idea first). In theory, copyright is automatic. The moment "pen hits paper", legal copyright is achieved, but if someone copies the idea and it is challenged in court, proof of authorship is prudent. Historically this "proof-of-ownership" has been achieved through several means, most notably with the involvement of a credible third-party witness.

In Canada, filing a copyright at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office costs $50 (for online registration) or $65 and can take several weeks. In the U.S. it costs $30.00 to file a copyright and due to a backlog, can take several months.

A commonly used and inexpensive method to date stamp an idea is to record the idea and send it to yourself registered mail, thus providing a date stamp of the idea. This is often referred to as the ‘poor man’s copyright’ and creators of all sorts have been using this method for generations to protect their intellectual property.

WorldWideOCR.com takes the same concept but utilizes real-time online software to SEAL™ (Substantiated, Encrypted, Archived and Lock) users' ideas in any digital file format. Instead of an envelope, there are SSL servers, 128-bit encryption, and redundant archiving -- all in conformance with a group of highly credible online third-party processing partners (including First Data Loan Company, Canada (FDLCC), Assurebuy, Inc., VISA, and Toronto Dominion Canada Trust).

The CEO and co-creator or WorldWideOCR.com, Robert Oswin came to the idea through his own experiences. A songwriter, Oswin has a large box of "copyright packages" in his closet that are not duplicated anywhere else and contain seals in various states of disrepair. He recognized there had to be a better way for a safer, more credible system of copyright protection for his own work.

"Until you are ready to follow through with that costly patent search, apply for that trade-mark or register your copyright, you need to protect your original ideas,” says Oswin, “Our site allows people to use our online process to instantly seal their ideas, in any digital file format, perhaps on the very day the idea is created.”

The increase in the exchange of information due to the Internet and a boom in ideas and creativity means more than ever, creators are able to independently and directly market their works to the world. But Oswin says, “Before they tell the world, they should first secure their "proof-of-ownership" for the intellectual property.”

Creators, from scriptwriters to engineers, (even those wanting to date-stamp insurance photographs or new inventions) are using the service; from North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

For more information please contact Robert Oswin at 403-289-8532 or at roswin@WWOCR.com. Visit http://www.WorldWideOCR.com now.


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