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March 17, 2005 - Poorman's Copyright Goes High Tech
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Media Release

Robert Oswin
World Wide Online Creator's Registry
Phone: 403/289-8532
FAX: 403/289-4333
E-Mail: roswin @ wwocr . com

January 18, 2005


Poorman's Copyright Goes High Tech!

(Calgary, Ab) - A new online company, World Wide Online Creator's Registry, has taken a tired old dog, known as the "Poor-man's Copyright" and taught it some new tricks. So what is a "Poor-man's Copyright", you ask? A common practice amongst copyright and intellectual property owners, worldwide, creator's simply place their intellectual wares in an envelope, take it to their local post office for a thorough "date-stamping", and send it to themselves for storage and future reference. Should their work be infringed upon, they would dig out their sealed envelope, date-stamped by the post office and provide it as evidence and a means of establishing ownership at that moment in history.

This all seemed well and good, until the day that somebody argued that anyone could send empty, unsealed envelopes through the mail system and acquire the all-important date-stamp on the empty envelope. Storing the date-stamped envelopes until an opportunity presented itself, they would then, unscrupulously insert their latest creation into the empty envelope from 1900, and Presto! Their creation has apparently become a part of history. This spelled the end for the "Poor-man's Copyright"... Or did it?

"Everything old is new again," Robert Oswin, CEO and spokesperson says, "Although our service may remind you of the "Poor-man's Copyright", we have made some vast improvements and patched all the holes. We really have taken a useful practice from our past, and adapted it to the 21st Century in every way. We have been able to make substantial improvements to every aspect of copyright protection and archiving. By deploying every new technology available to us all at once, we have delivered fast, efficient and affordable copyright and IP protection."

Like Travelocity and e-Bay, some services and the Internet seem custom-built for each other. Recent advances in global communications and digital technology have made it possible for creators to capture any idea in one digital format or another. Realizing this fact, the designers of WorldWideOCR.com developed an online tool that allows anyone from anywhere to instantly document and evidence their work with a credible third-party witness. Whether the idea is a script, song, image, or plans to take over the world, the users can apply a SEAL(TM) to absolutely any digital file format up to 20MB in size. All for US $3 or less per file.

Who benefits from this technology? The company, who now represents creators from over 20 countries, says their membership is comprised of song and script writers, novelists, graphic designers, educators, engineers, photographers and the list goes on.

"Most creators create a lot. Our service is designed to allows these prolific types of IP owners to protect their entire body of work. Our service does not restrict one from further registration where warranted. Our technology is designed to protect your IP while you decide which ideas should be registered in which territory. It allows our members to more aggressively pursue all of their ideas without fear of infringement or IP theft." said Oswin.

The company encourages people to seek further registration where warranted. Nowadays you never know where your work may "break" and in which territories you should best invest your time and money to completely secure your copyrights. The US Copyright office is perhaps the best known of these institutions, but a similar offices exist in nearly every country in the world. No matter how you proceed with any subsequent copyright or intellectual property registrations, the WorldWideOCR SEAL(TM) file will always represent the earliest moment in history that the IP owner can substantiate their ownership of the idea or work.

For more information please contact Robert Oswin at 403-289-8532 or at roswin@WWOCR.com. Visit http://www.WorldWideOCR.com now.


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