OCR technology can increase law firm productivity

Many do not know yet that OCR technology can really increase the productivity of any law firm. This can be the case on a couple different levels.

First, in the discovery process, lawyers often have to review voluminous amounts of documents for information. Some large law firms have even lawyers on staff just for document review in large litigation.

Through OCR technology, searches for terms and phrases can be phone on PDF documents. After all, PDF documents are turned over on an increasing level versus the days of the past when paper documents would be turned over.

The ability to perform searches of PDF documents through OCR technology is a huge plus for law firms. The advantages of doing this versus scanning documents by the naked eye one-by-one- cannot be understates.

OCR can also help with converting and comparing various documents. In other words, a lawyer could obtain a version of a document as a PDF. That PDF can then be converted to a .doc file through OCR technology. That document can then be edited for future use.

This did not used to be the case before. Previously, these documents would need to be re-typed from start to finish. Specific passages from PDF documents can also be extracted through OCR technology.

The use of OCR technology in a law cannot be understated in terms of increasing efficiency and productivity.