Google Drive offers OCR technology for free

Optical character recognition (“OCR”) has become so widespread that Google Drive offers this technology for free. Many do not even realize the OCR technology that is part of Google Drive.

When individuals create various documents from within Google Drive and then convert them into a PDF document, users can search the PDF documents stores within Google Drive. By searching PDF documents from within Google Drive, users are utilizing OCR technology.

Some important tips for utilizing the OCR technology within Google Drive are as follows:

First, it is important to use high resolution with clear contrasts and lighting. Otherwise, it can be difficult for the OCR technology within Google Drive to work correctly.

It is also important to make sure that the text is horizontal. It also has to read from right to left. Otherwise, it can difficult for the OCR technology to work correctly within Google Drive.

It is true as well that certain language might have difficulties within Google Drive. Languages that tend to work best with the OCR technology within Google Drive are those that are Latin based languages.

Google Drive even allows a user to upload documents that were not created in Google Drive at all. They might have been documents that were created elsewhere. Or, they might be documents that were scanned and uploaded into a computer and then uploaded into Google Drive.

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